Our Solutions

Collect enormous amounts of data from Scada, IoT and Sensors in Industry, process them in real-time, analyze, interpret and display on easy to understand and interactive dashboards using Mantis Mind 4.0 Platform.

For more information please visit http://mind40.com today.

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SosyalGöz searches the social media, categorically monitors it in real time and collects relevant data continuously, processes the collected data and displays them for analyses.

SosyalGöz can monitor everything in internet.

Uses its own search engines, scales and works on the cloud infrastructures.

SosyalGöz won the 'Most Impressive Social Media Project' award in 2014 from the Turkish Informatics Society

For more information please visit http://sosyalgoz.com/en today.

ManRes: Content Based Image Search and Retrieval Engine

Digital image databases are increasing exponentially day by day and image retrieval even harder. Both individuals and institutions encounter serious problems when building their image archives and later when retrieving the archived or copyrighted images.

ManRes tries to retrieve images similar to a user-defined specification.

Instantly displays #hashtag, @mention or word based content from social media channels like facebook, twitter and instagram, grabbed content can easily get presented in fairs on billboards and on many different display technologies.

iSocialWall, monitors the content in real time and enables you to administrate easily.

For more information please visit http://isocialwall.com (in Turkish) or the iSocialWall application directly!

DICOMA is a pan-european project supported by the ITEA2 initiative within the framework of the Eureka program of the European Commission, devoted to provide disaster recovery agencies with tools aimed at improving efficiency in decision making processes.

30 months long DiCoMa project kicked off in Spain at the beginning of 2012.

Countries in the consorsium: Finland, Israel, Spain and Turkey together with 18 partners

The main purpose of the project is to develop an intelligent system which is created to inform the users by systematically analising and collecting relative contents which are obout all kinds of information and news wanted to monitor on the web.

The system, can be easily used as a monitoring follow-up system owing to its architectural infrastructure eventhough it is seen as focused on monitoring security based cases.

The Project is carried out by partnership of Mantis Software and Consultancy Company experienced in such topics as data mining, machine learning and NLP search, develops software tools, consults on project management and software quality assurance from Turkey and Dezide ApS. from Denmark.

The purpose of this project is regularly monitoring and detecting web pages which have objectionable content and providing to inform the system user about the activities on these web pages.

In this scope, monitoring of all kind of activities and contents related with illegal organisations and their supporters are the point in question.

Mantam is a Turkish search engine which provides making a search on just Turkish web pages. Mantam aims to decline the rate of the current leading search engines in Turkey and serve more efficient search engine for the Turkish content.

In the world, just the budget for the construction of a search engine for the union base, European Union spent 1.5 billion euros.

Thanks to the mentioned specialities of Mantam, we either get the change provide the access and supervision to information or gain the surplus value for our national interests.

Information Sector Human Resources Portal

Among the human recourses web pages, BilisimİK makes a difference with its sector oriented structure. Such features as ease of use, registered cover letter template, detailed advert search, personal profile and creating a group are brought in use for employers and jobseekers.

Acronym for the Netcad Developers Network Web site, NCDN, is an enterprise wiki for those who want to develop third-party software on the Netcad software platform.

Netcad company who develops a wide range of CAD and GIS-based products, aims to use NCDN web site to provide easy access to their third party software development resources.

NCDN will help subscribers in learning to develop custom software solutions using Netcad products. It will also provide a virtual meeting space to its users where they can share knowledge, colloborate and find answers to the common problems.

Mantis is developing NCDN, abided by the principles information architecture with aims to know its user requirements fully, and provide to most effective ways to access to sought content and answers to common questions.

NCDN enterprise wiki will be a first among Turkish companies for providing a comprehensive service to their third-party software developing customers.