About Mantis

We are perfectionists, attentive and concerned about our services.
We impart our technical power with our clients to support them gain competitive advantage.

Areas of Interest

Data Mining
Information Retrieval
Speech Synthesis and Recognition
Image Processing
Information Mapping
Software Development Processes
Decision Support and Expert Systems


Mantis set primary goals to be the leader in Turkish Search and Search Technologies and use the gained experiences in this domain for serving the national interests.

In the light of these goals, our technology driven company is working to be preeminent and respectable national and international organization which provides services suitable for its partners and customers.

Mantis Software Company


Our vision is to grow to be a reputable leading company by establishing its line of work is based on scientific foundations, technology which meets needs of its customers and business partners.

Performing all in national and international context.

To walk the talk in Search, Data Mining, Information Retrieval and Speech Synthesis and Recognition.


is to fulfill customer expectations with cutting edge technology, new products and services, in order to grow and bring increasing added value to its stakeholders.


is Honesty. Because honesty, increases the trust of our employees, partners and stakeholders for us and perpetuates confidence.


Instead of watching the problems, we work with responsibility for being socially beneficial. If we start now we can make a difference in the future.