Events Participated

CEBIT Euroasia IT Fair 2012

Mantis, participated in CEBIT Euroasia IT Exhibition, one of the biggest and very well know IT exhibition in the World, between 29 November – 02 December 2012 in Istanbul.

Visitors of the exhibition showed most interest on the ‘Made in Turkey’ solutions ‘Mantam’ Turkish Search Engine and ‘Mansad’ Cyber Dedective solutions.

Photos of the events are on the right.

Pioneers Festival 2012

Mantis participated in Pioneers Festival which took place on 29-31 October 2012, in Vienna, Austria.

Mantis was the only Turkish participant during the whole event. We had to opportunity to meet frontiers of the Web and Internet Technologies.

ITEA & ARTEMIS Co-Summit 2012

Our international R&D project DiCoMa took place in the event with posters and presentations.

DiCoMa Türkiye Çalıştayı

DiCoMa Workshop Turkey took place in Antalya, Turkey on 3-4 September 2012.

TET Proje Pazarı

One of our solutions, Mantis Cyber Dedective was chosen to be one of the most promising solutions in Turkey in Information Technology area and invited to participate at this event.

TBMM Bilişim Sergisi

Mantis, took place with it’s edge cutting products at the Information Technology Exhibition which took place at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey for 4 days. Our information desk was visited by the Head of IT and Internet Research Commission at Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Necdet Ünüvar, Desputy Head of IT and Internet Research Commission at Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Yıldırım Mehmet Ramazanoğlu, Desputy Chair of Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Mehmet Sağlam and Secretary General, İrfan Neziroğlu. We sincerely thank you all.

Information about the exhibition announced at the official web page of Grand National Assembly of Turkey (in Turkish)click here

Press: Sabah,

ITEA2 PO Günleri 2012

Mantis participated in the Project Outline Days in Madrid Spain on 1-2 Feb 2012.

DiCoMa Başlama Vuruşu

One of our International Research and Development Projects, DiCoMa Disaster Control Management) kicked off in Girona, Spain.

DiCoMa project will continue for 30 months.

Uluslararası B2B Yazılım Günleri

Mantis, participated in the event in the beautiful city of Vienna.

For more info about the event visit International B2B Software Days in English. More photos and blog posts could be found under the web page of Die Technologieagentur der Stadt Wien in German.

Event video in German.