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Privately Funded 01.01.2011 31.12.2011


DWS is an enterprise wiki for those who wish to develop third-party software on the Netcad software platform and a tag-based, product-centric content management plug in. It is also an intermediate unit that provides transferring XML-based sources, extensible by XSLT templates and it is built on confluence infrastructure. It is a platform on which software developer firms can share their software development tools (API, tutorials, multimedia sources, architectural drawings… etc) with their own users to provide them to develop new software on their own products.


First of all, it has been developed to share APIs of Netcad, a firm has a widespread product range of CAD and GIS based, products with users and developers. It has presented as the name of NCDN (Netcad Developers Network) and it has aimed to provide an easy access to resources needed by software developers and teaching to develop software on Netcad products which they are interested in and letting them to find answers to the problems that they may encounter on the process of development. Thanks to NCDN a common virtual meeting space where they can share knowledge has been created. Mantis is developing NCDN, abided by the principles information architecture with aims to know its user requirements fully, and provide to most effective ways to access to sought content and answers to common questions. NCDN enterprise wiki will be a first among Turkish companies for providing a comprehensive service to their third-party software developing customers.


The content that will be highlighted can be managed through customizable labels. DWS makes it easy for developers to remove the content to the fore. Software companies can provide support by opening software development tools that will be served to third-party software developers and increase the number of developer users. It can provide language support for the languages other than English and usage statistics. User authorization levels and attachments such as forum, polls, calendar can be managed.