Cyber Detective

Tübitak-Teydeb 01.07.2009 01.01.2011


Mansad is a web-based software that constantly scans the text-based resources on the Internet and detect of the sources of those related to terrorism and monitor the detected sources and warn expert users of the system in the event of a change in the sources being tracked.


While rapid advances in computer and communication technologies make easier the lives of people, on the other hand, the intensive information environment reached massive proportions has increased the time to access specific information sought.

Our firm has developed the Mansad software product which is very interesting and innovative system that built on the architectural infrastructure of traditional information retrieval systems by foreseeing the need of person or organizations aiming to follow the specific issues constantly.

Mansad, launched in order to overcome the lack of a software product which can do a regular follow-up on the designated topic or topics and inform the user updates / innovations about the issues they interested, is a first product in national and international context because of its architectural structure.


Mansad proposes a system that based on the architectural infrastructure of traditional information retrieval systems however which is innovative. It is different from a search engine because of its support for multi-lingual environments, classification of inappropriate content pages according to their scope and issues and with the versions of sound and images are provided.

As well as seeking the terrorism related source, it can make identification, tracking and change notification about any issue. It also can tag the reviews on the web resources as positive/negative through its opinion mining feature, can do target-oriented scanning, and classify detected documents according to their semantic relations thanks to its classification feature and can archive source.

Mansad can detect the web sites on the internet that has inappropriate content and can monitor those web sites regularly and can notify user of the system activities on these sites.