Turkish Search Engine

Tübitak-Teydeb 01.01.2008 01.07.2009


Mantam is a vertical Turkish search engine based on focus retrieval, which supports queries given in the form of text, music, voice, image, video over the web.


Enormous information flood deployed over the internet makes manual analysis impossible to achieve and hence, search technologies for harvesting the information become a de facto rule.

Our vertical search engine contrary to general purposed retrieval engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex etc. crawls and indexes the internet resources in a given context. Based on our focus retrieval technology, only the web documents with respect to the context defined in advance will be retrieved and parsed into multimedia objects such as text, voice, music, image, video and indexed accordingly.

Mantam is equipped with ontologies to diminish the gap between vocabularies of author and readers. This extensive semantic technology of ours positively effects the performance of the retrieval process.

Our vertical engine operates also in the social networking and blogging services such as pinterest, facebook, twitter, wordpress, youtube and etc. Even if our semantic technology for information extraction fits in to the Turkish language, it is easily extendible to other Turkic languages.


Mantam based on focus oriented crawling technology is of a vertical search engine with features such as detecting and indexing Turkish contents on the web, extending the search query phrase by using thesaurus and domain ontologies as well as providing location based resource indexing.

By it’s nature it can also focus on a certain domain (medicine, law, education, public legislation etc), can retrieve the information and documents in that specific domain and presents them to users very expeditiously.