Mantis Ontology Management Software

eurostars 01.07.2010 01.07.2012


Its a software that insures the information at internet semantically interact with each other and by using this feature it enables to retrieve more reliable information.


In today’s technology the web content is structured as both human and machine readable and interpretable. Machines can easily interpret and process the web content by semantic web.

Such infrastructure is provided by the usage on ontologies. Increasing use of internet in almost all areas bring the question of “Rightfulness of the information searched on Internet”. The query results are so many and mostly of them can be irrelevant this situation can cause serious time loss.

Today users want to directly retrieve reliable information and by this way to avoid time loss. This situation leads up to a strong connection between human and machines.

Information can be shared among different machines and reused by designing the ontologies according to certain standards. By this way information can be defined once and can be used many times. This is the reason ontologies used in semantic web.


A segmented document contains word groups that can be added to ontology. By using ontology feeding interfaces, users can add words to ontology classes that is relevant to his research domain. And also the user can create relations between added examples to form ontology relations by using interfaces.

In addition to feeding mechanism users can perform search over any example in the ontology. At the end of this process the relevance of the document in the given topic can be examined. Entities and relations between them can be examined according to a given information domain.