The God of Eyes

eurostars 01.07.2010 01.07.2012


Sakuwassa, as the word, means ‘seeing eye, eyes, God’ in Hittite language. It has improved in the case of terror but nevertheless it is a software product which can analyze any source in different languages as audio, image and text.

8 pages long Sakuwassa Article(in Turkish language) can be found in the 141. issue of Informatics Magazine by Informatics Association of Turkey.


While rapid advances in computer and communication technologies make lives of people easier, on the other hand it provides important opportunities to criminal organizations whose purpose is to harm people. Internet has changed into an uncontrolled communication environment where borders have been abolished and international exchange is easier for terrorist organizations.

Our company has initiated the Sakuwassa by realizing the national and international insufficiency about determining and monitoring of such terrorist attacks on the Internet. In addition to this reason, our software product previously developed, named MANSAD which focuses only text-based resources on the internet and no multi-lingual support, is another reason that triggered the initiation of this project.

The main purpose of the Sakuwassa, completed by July 2012, is to develop an intelligent system which is created to inform the users by systematically analyzing and collecting relative contents which are about all kinds of information and news wanted to monitor on the web.


Sakuwassa has an architecture structure that supports and allows multi-language and the addition of new languages to the system. It can determine whether the pages which were examined with the help of these obtained profiles are related to terrorism by revealing sample terrorist profiles from terror related web pages determined and updated by expert users and multimedia content and monitors the specified addresses continually and classify them. Sakuwassa can scan goal-oriented resource, recognize objects from image (flags, flags, maps, etc.), make conversion to text from Turkish voice and do ontology-based inference via ontology management engine.

Textual and non-textual content can be analyzed at the same time, system architecture can be adapted to the needs of different users in different countries, it can determine the idea / vision set for the resources related to terrorism, includes support for multi-lingual environment, can make semantic inferences supported by the ontologies and it also can create web information map. Although the system seems to have focused on monitoring of security-based events, it can easily be used as a tracking system as a matter of its architectural infrastructure.