Mantis Image Detection System

Digital image databases are increasing exponentially day by day and image retrieval even harder. Both individuals and institutions encounter serious problems when building their image archives and later when retrieving the archived or copyrighted images.

ManRes tries to retrieve images similar to a user-defined specification. One of the main advantages of this system is the possibility of an automatic retrieval process, instead of the traditional keyword-based approach, which usually requires very laborious and time-consuming previous annotation of database images. Consequently this causes us to find the plain text-based information inadequate, and as a result increases the value of the visual content.

ManRes is not affected by resized, transformed, flipped, mirrored, cropped, rotated or compressed images.

ManRes aims to provied more effective image search than plain text-based image search engines and can easily be customized according to the requirements both individual and institution archives.

ManRes - Mantis Image Detection System

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