ManRes-Content Based Image Detection and Image Search Engine

It is an advanced image search system that allows users to scan photos on social media and web pages whose source or sharers are curious for the same or very similar photos, as well as information about these photos.


ManRes brings the same or similar image of the image that the user wants to find by using content-based image access methods. The most important advantage of the system is that it is affected minimally by the problems such as cutting, changing color, rotation, transformation in images. As the search space of the system can be sources on the internet, other search spaces can be preferred too.

Image Search

ManRes allows you to quickly and effectively find the same or similar image to be detected in large collections of images.

Image Matching

Thanks to the advanced image processing methods it uses, it detects and matches original images in large image sets with great accuracy.

Manipulation Detection

By using advanced feature extraction algorithms, ManRes ensures that these attributes can be matched even if the images have been modified.

Web Crawler

With its built-in web spider, ManRes ensures that the determined web sites are regularly scanned and new images on these sites are automatically detected..

Detailed Reporting

Thanks to its advanced reporting capabilities, it provides detailed reports specific to images and sites for each image in the track list.

Advanced Settings

Advanced settings management allows users to easily adjust settings such as how often and at what depth each website will be visited, the types and sizes of images to be taken.

Image Processing Image Search Engine Manipulation detection Web crawler Image Track

Usage areas

Thanks to ManRes it is possible to follow in which channels visuals are used that were produced by written and visual media and news agencies. It is possible to detect unauthorized usage and track how much these produced images are used in the context of performance measurement. Besides, it is possible to track important photos or images on the internet in the security sector.

  • Detection process is performed by using the content information of the image that is desired to be detected in large image collections.
  • ManRes compares the original photos with millions of photos and detects and reports with great accuracy even if the images have been modified by using advanced image processing methods.
  • The internet world, including social media, is scanned and similar images are detected.
  • Detailed reports are offered to the user thanks to its user-friendly interfaces,
  • Its success rate is high because the numeric content of the searched image is used instead of traditional text-based search methods.
  • Even manipulations such as cutting, rotating, adding text, changing color on the original image detect the photo with very high performance.
  • The user can choose the photograph s/he wants to choose through social media channels or s/he can upload it by her/himself.
  • Exit (or metadata) data in photos can be accessed.
  • All followed photos can be managed by accessing them on a single screen.
  • Share date of detected photos, shared by who, social media account name, etc. information can be accessed.

Technical Specs

ManRes has been developed with strong big data infrastructure, flexible architecture, advanced crawler and search engine features, machine learning-based image processing algorithms together with high technologies that have flexible and high performance.

Big Data Infrastructure

ManRes quickly processes millions of images and makes them ready for use thanks to its powerful big data infrastructure,

Image processing algorithms

ManRes works together with machine learning-based image processing algorithms, whose accuracy and performance have been proven by our R&D studies.


ManRes provides highly detailed reports by image, website, web crawler or the set of photos followed thanks to its powerful reporting infrastructure.


ManRes has been developed in such a way that it can be scaled horizontally thanks to its flexible architecture. The image processing capacity of ManRes can be easily increased by increasing the system resources.

Product Screenshots


In ManRes, strong technologies of open source world have been combined with our know-how.