Sosyal Goz

Sosyal Goz collects and analyzes data by constantly monitoring social networks and categorical sources on the Internet, and reports it in a way that the user can easily understand.


Sosyal Goz is a cloud-based social media analytics platform that offers information through social media, news, blogs, forums and search engines, by scanning different sources of information on the internet simultaneously, collecting the content according to the selected keywords, performing detailed analyzes on this collected content by using smart algorithms and presenting them to its users in a comprehensible way.

Sentiment Analysis

It automatically detects sentiment analysis of messages using machine learning methods for social media messages.

Search Engine

It serves advanced search abilities in the contents collected through the web. Thanks to its robust infrastructure, it performs an effective and fast search on thousands of documents.

Influencer Analysis

Users are analyzed based on their number of messages and followers in addition to klout scores, influencers related to the subject followed are detected.

Spatial Analysis

Using location information of the data collected on the social media, cities, countries or geographical coordinations are analysed.

Target Audience Analysis

Influencers in social media related to the subject followed and the relationship between them are analyzed, which provides the target audience as a social network.

Image Tracking

Photos shared on social media are followed, the same or similar shares are provided, which allow the users to be followed.

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Usage areas

Sosyal Goz has a wide range of usage areas, from companies and brands that are curious about their appearance on social media to agencies, security units, public institutions, and organizations thanks to the advanced analysis methods it offers,

  • You will know about all content on social media and on website sources related to the corporate, firm, brand, or individual users.
  • You can analyze the positive or negative content about you.
  • You can see the value of your brand with search engine analysis.
  • You can do competitor analysis.
  • You see your popularity on social media.
  • You see trends on certain topics on social media.
  • You will be informed about important discussion topics relevant to you.
  • You can measure the impact of your brand, advertising, or corporate policies.
  • You will see the regional analysis of your brand with geographical analysis.
  • You can make detailed impact analysis.
  • You can instantly monitor the conversations about you on social media.

Technical Specs

Sosyal Goz has been developed with a strong big data infrastructure, flexible architecture, advanced search engine structure, advanced analysis functions, easy integration services, flexible, expandable, scalable, and high-performance technologies.

Cloud architecture

Social Eye supporting institutional setup on the cloud has the capacity for storing and analyzing millions of data with its strong architecture.


Authorizations for different groups and roles can be easily created and managed thanks to its strong and flexible authorization infrastructure.


Automatic notifications can be created according to the interests or preferences of the users and can be easily managed thanks to its flexible structure.

High usability

It saves your data as backed-up and secured even in hardware and network malfunctions and it enables the data to be accessible anytime.

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In Sosyal Goz, strong technologies of open source world have been combined with our know-how.