Mantis Academic

It is an academic publishing platform that enables you manage digital collections, databases, and publications easily, as well as make information resources available and run extensive analyses on them.


Mantis Academic offers an electronic web-based academic publishing management platform that any sort of electronic sources that can be administered such as books, articles, magazines, thesis, collector's pieces, manuscripts, maps, images, videos, and that detailed citation and bibliometric analyzes can be made on these resources.

Publication Management

It provides necessary administrative services for adding, screening, adjusting and deleting metadata, full text and other contents for all types of publication.

Search Engine

It allows providing advanced search abilities on mastheads and full texts of publications. Thanks to its advanced infrastructure, it is able to perform a fast and efficient search on thousands of documents.

Citation Analysis

It performs citation analysis for publications with an accuracy of 98%. Bibliometric metrics such as citation number, self-citation number, h-index, and effective value are generated and detailed analyses are conducted.

Process Management

It allows simple and accurate management of all academic processes including referee, committee, acceptance to the directory for publications.

Discovery Tools

It provides a robust infrastructure compatible with standards to merge our contents with the discovery tools such as Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic, Ebsco that are commonly used across the globe.

Reporting and Statistics

It presents the statistics of publications such as viewing, downloading and printing and the person, corporation or subscriber-based access statistics in line with the COUNTER format.

Process management Citation analysis Citation analysis Full-text access Publication management

Usage areas

Mantis Academic can be used in many sectors such as libraries, publishers, universities, public institutions and organizations that want to administer their electronic publications thanks to its powerful and flexible software architecture.

  • You can manage all your different types of content from a single-center thanks to the broadcast management module,
  • Automatic citation calculations are performed with great accuracy thanks to its bibliometric capabilities.
  • It supports detailed bibliometric analysis such as citation count, self-citation rate, h-index, impact factor, and journal citation report.
  • It provides bibliometric analysis in article, author, journal and institution detail.
  • It performs automatic institution assignment for different writing styles.
  • It can perform automatic subject area assignment, supported by artificial intelligence, to publications.
  • It supports controlled dictionaries.
  • It can make competency analyzes according to branches of science.
  • It supports collaborations and social network analytics.
  • It provides detailed reports for process and bibliometric analysis.

Technical Specs

Mantis Academic has been developed with flexible, expandable, scalable and high-performance technologies, with a flexible microservice and container-based architecture, advanced search engine structure, powerful bibliometric analysis functions, easy integration services, multi-language support.

Flexible and Scalable Architecture

The load on the system is balanced by scaling according to the resource status of the system as a service. By this means, performance loss or lock ups are prevented in unexpected situations in the system and optimum use of system resources is guaranteed.

Device compatible interfaces

It provides the opportunity to work with the most appropriately positioned and formatted screens on different devices thanks to the mobile-supported and responsive design principles that can be present according to the device type.


Authorizations for different groups and roles can be easily created and managed thanks to its strong and flexible authorization infrastructure.

Localization and multilingual support

A new language support can be added to the system without the need for a software update, and language equivalents for the labels defined in the system can be entered through the management screens.


Automatic notifications can be created according to the interests or preferences of the users and can be easily managed thanks to its flexible structure.

Data security

All modules functional on the system are run redundantly in containers on the Kubernetes cluster, in accordance with the microservice architecture. Besides, all data used by the system are backed up transiently and it is possible to return to the desired time period.

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In Mantis Academic, strong technologies of open source world have been combined with our know-how.