MANTAM Mantis Turkish Search Engine

Mantam is a scalable, next-generation Turkish search engine that indexes and searches requested materials on the Internet and in corporate databases.


MANTAM is a search platform that provides the discovery of distributed information on the Internet and the presentation of it by transforming it into a form which is suitable for the needs of users in our era where information is no longer a tool but a power.

Vertical Search

Vertical Search is referred to as a searching technology that allows searching through the related sources focusing on definite areas instead of all sources on the internet. Thanks to MANTAM, subject-specific (law, health, sports, news, etc.) lists can be created, and a searching process can be done within these areas only.

Wide Spread Search

Apart from the vertical search approach, general-purpose search engines target access to websites by wide-spreading across the internet. MANTAM provides service as a general-purpose search engine allowing access to information in Turkish on the internet.

Enterprise Search

MANTAM gathers your corporate sources (databases, data sources, files, etc.) and internet sources (websites, news sources, blogs, forums, dictionaries, etc.) in the same pool and enables you to access all the relevant information from one point.

Web Crawler

MANTAM is able to detect the areas matching with definite patterns on the internet and retrieve data from those areas only thanks to its focused crawler ability

Natural Language Processing

MANTAM performs analyses such as stemming, stop words management, named entity recognition, and scans search outcomes in a more accurate and result-specific manner.

Language Detection

MANTAM collects contents in any desired language by determining the language of the contents retrieved by the web crawler using a detection module.

Corporate search engine Vertical search Language detection Natural Language Processing

Usage areas

MANTAM which has general purpose search engine, corporate search and vertical search capabilities can be used in any corporate organizations that want to make large document clusters accessible.

  • A search can be carried out in multiple sources ( webpages, databases, corporate resources, index locales) combined in one source.
  • Requested websites or URLs can be filtered using domain name filters.
  • Special filters can be defined to ensure that the desired files are received or not.
  • It is possible to retrieve information from the pages received from the web according to predefined patterns.
  • Plate, TR Identity Number etc. templates can be defined in advance so that this information can be featured in the search results.
  • Queries can be expanded by defining synonyms.
  • Protected word lists can be defined to ensure that no pre-processing is done on these words.
  • As the user enters their query, query suggestions are demonstrated regarding the autocomplete feature.
  • The most recent queries entered by the user, popular and similar queries can be listed.

Technical Specs

MANTAM has been developed with flexible, expandable, scalable, and high-performance technologies with its powerful big data infrastructure, flexible architecture, advanced search capabilities based on natural language processing.

Big Data Infrastructure

MANTAM has the capacity of processing millions of content gathered by web crawlers thanks to its big data infrastructure.


The system has an architecture that can be expanded horizontally and vertically.


MANTAM can send and receive data by being integrated with third part softwares easily thanks to the Rest API it has.

High usability

It saves your data as backed-up and secured even in hardware and network malfunctions and it enables the data to be accessible anytime.

Product Screenshots


In MANTAM, strong technologies of open source world have been combined with our know-how.