Sosyal Goz was in the news on Anadolu Agency

11.01.2015 news

_ “Sosyal Goz” for children on the internet

Our social media analysis software Sosyal Goz was on the news on Anadolu Agency for its enhanced abilities.

Hacettepe Teknokent based firm has developed software for users to follow posts related to them instantly and report in a single interface.

The owner of the software company Güven Köse expressed that data on these social media platforms have become a crucial source of information for both individuals and institutions with the rapid increase in the use of social media.

Köse mentions that the reputation and brand values of the firms are mostly determined by positive-negative messages, news, or comments on the internet and in social media. He also added that if individuals and institutions don’t monitor or control their appearances on social media and if it is done by others, it generally creates a negative perception on behalf of those users.

Köse, expressing that firms that have been working on search technologies for many years have developed the “Sosyal Goz” software and that Sosyal Goz is being supported by TUBITAK and has been deemed worthy of the award of Social Media Track and Analysis System (Sosyal Goz) by the Turkey Informatics Association in the branch of “The Most Effective Social Media Project”. Details of the news can be accessed at [Anadolu Agency webpage] (